Structure of Studies: M. Ed. in Distance Education Program

To obtain the M. Ed. (Distance Education) degree, students are required to complete 10 courses (6 Core courses and 4 elective courses) and an e-portfolio.

  • Core Courses: MDDE601, MDDE602, MDDE603, MDDE604, MDDE605
  • Electives: Courses selected by the student from the list of elective courses
  • E-portfolio: An organized presentation of the student’s learning process and progress in the graduate program. When developing the e-portfolio, the student selects artefacts from materials created during the courses (e.g., papers, videos, excerpts from interactions with peers) and analyses them to reflect the abilities and skills acquired throughout the program. These skills include decision making and problem solving, course design and development, effective use of distance education technologies, team work and communication, research, and the management of distance learning organizations.



First cohort:

April 2016: MDDE 605, MDDE 660

September 2016: MDDE 623, E-portfolio

Second cohort:

September 2016: MDDE 601, MDDE 602

January 2017: MDDE 614, MDDE 621

April 2017: MDDE 603, MDDE 620

September 2017: MDDE 604, MDDE 613

January 2018: MDDE 605, MDDE 660

April 2018: ePortfolio


Core courses:
MDDE 601 Introduction to Distance Education and Training
MDDE 602 Research Methods in Distance Education
MDDE 603 Foundations of Instructional Design: Systems Analysis and Learning Theory
MDDE 604 Instructional Design in Distance Education
MDDE 605 Planning and Management in Distance Education and Training
MDDE 620 Technology in Education and Training

Elective Courses (Tentative list):
MDDE 614 International Issues in Distance Education
MDDE 621 Online Teaching in Distance Education and Training
MDDE 623 Introduction to Mobile Learning
MDDE 660 Professional Seminar on Leadership in Education Innovation