Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. The M. Ed. (Distance Education) Program is conducted entirely online. Students can access the course anywhere there is an Internet connection.

2. How do I develop my e-portfolio?

Instruction is provided in the final course to guide students through the process of developing their e-portfolios. Students will use Mahara as the tool for constructing their e-portfolios.

3. Can I use my e-portfolio after graduating from the program?

Yes, the e-portfolio belongs to the student. It is a useful tool for presenting skills and achievements to colleagues, friends, and future employers.

4. Which organizations can undertake the accreditation process of my degree?

Degrees from a private Greek university or from countries outside the European Union need to be translated to a corresponding Canadian rating scale. The following organizations can assist with this process:

NACES: National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (naces@ierf.org) – preferably.

CICIS: Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials και

Ask for the “Basic” type assessment of the organization you choose for the evaluation of your degree.

5. Can I stop my studies for a while and continue later?

Students may temporarily interrupt their studies; however, a fee of $ 500 CAD is charged to reinstate the student in the program. It is preferable to follow the flow of the program, beginning and completing the courses as planned.

6. Can I get a certificate of attendance?

Students may request a transcript from Athabasca University, which will show the course(s) completed and grade received.

7. Can I take a course out of sequence, such as taking a second-year course in the first year of the program?

No. Students can only enrol in the courses offered in the current term.

8. What computing skills and equipment are required for the program?

The M. Ed. (Distance Education) program does not require any special knowledge of computer use beyond navigation in a browser. Only a computer and connection to the Internet is needed.

9. Are there different rates of tuition for certain types of learners?

No. The cost of tuition is the same for all students.

10. Can I still apply even if I don’t have proof of the English requirement?

Students that do not have proof of the English requirement but that feel their English skills are at the level needed for admission may be admitted as Provisional Students. Please contact our office for more information.