Συνέδριο IABL2016

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The postgraduate program had a significant presence in the IABL2016 Conference, held in Kavala, Greece between 22 and 24 of April 2016. Graduates have presented their current work, as well as their experiences during the graduates panel… [hover category=”Presentations” effects=”square” style=”style1″ item_show_row=”rd-col-lg-12 rd-col-md-12 rd-col-sm-12 rd-col-xs-12″ circle_animation=”left_to_right” google_font=”Roboto” title_font_size=”18″ desc_font_size=”13″ button_font_size=”15″ bg_color=”rgba(0,219,241,1)” title_color=”#ffffff” desc_color=”#ffffff” button_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff” title_font_style=”normal” desc_font_style=”normal” button_font_style=”normal”] Teachers of the program, […]